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  • If I recall correctly I have been in my new high school for 3 weeks and I do miss you and other teachers and classmates pretty much!😆 I still keep in touch with Kate and she told me that the new class in SCE goes on smoothly and they are all making achievements. That's wonderful! When I had my first English class in PLC, it was about the WWII ( when our teacher asked about the time when the WWII happened I answered immediately~) and now it is related to the Stolen Generation and the math classes are now all about linear function and factorization. Fortunately we have already learnt about that and there isn't too much pressure~ Yesterday our school had an "open day" and I saw Victoria and Freda~ That was so nice to see them again! I wish I can have time to come and visit SCE one day. I truly miss you guys.😭
    SCE Student
  • My son J understands that he needs to improve his English further before commencing his high school. We deeply appreciate Ms Laws for letting him enrol in the High School Preparation program offered by Sydney College of English during the holidays. J benefitted greatly from the two weeks Spring holiday program. Thanks to the precious experiences he gained from studying intensively at the wonderful Sydney College of English, he has become even more motivated to work hard at school and at home.
    Parent, Rei S
  • The regular and thorough assessments provided by SCE have enabled us to monitor prospective students' progress very accurately. In particular, the use of the ESL Scales descriptors make it possible for teachers to have an understanding not only of progress in all three strands (Oral Interaction, Reading and Responding and Writing) but also in the development of students' competencies (pragmatic, organisational and strategic). These precise and reliable assessments facilitate the enrolment process and ensure that students who start at our High School are ready to use English as an effective medium for learning. PLC
    Mrs Catherine Marvell - Director of Enrolments at Presbyterian Ladies' College, Sydney
  • Perfect teaching. Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 13.30.18
    Didier Bordes – Doctor, Head of Geriatics in France
  • Nick is an excellent teacher.  He is always willing to help us.  I learned a lot from his class and now I feel prepared for the test.Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 13.36.25
    Karolyne Zamprogna - Nurse
  • I am really thankful to Nick, who is really knowledgeable and funny.  I enjoyed the 8 week course with Nick and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is a health care professional.  I am more confident for the exam.  Thanks Nick!Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 13.27.22
    Solmaz Jalali Chaychi - Nurse
  • "I've made a lot of friends here. It is a really good school because everyone is friendly. The teachers are very nice too."
  • "I enjoy studying at this school very much. I learn a lot and meet people from many countries. Studying here is very useful for me as I prepare to enter high school in Australia."
  • "The teachers are committed to teaching every student and are very friendly. After I nish at this school next month, I plan to go to business college. I have enjoyed everything in this school."
  • "When I arrived in Australia my English was terrible but thanks to Sydney College of English I have improved quickly. Here, it is a real pleasure to learn English. "