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AEAS School Preparation Course

This course consists of six modules to be completed in a total of 40 hours: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and review. The focus of the course is to develop students’ English language and study skills needed to be successful in classrooms at international and overseas schools. Students will learn practical English language skills and improve confidence in communicating in English.

There are three year level groups available for students to enrol in: Years 4-6, Years 7-9, Years 10-12. The course will be taught by qualified and experienced native English speaking teachers to maximise students’ exposure to the use of the English language. Each module consists of homework and review sections which allow for timely support and monitoring of students’ progress.

On completion of all six modules of the course, students will receive an official AEAS School Preparation Course Certificate to support applications on international and overseas schools.

It is important to note that this course is not an intensive English language course (ELICOS). It is recommended that students complete an appropriate ELICOS course in Australia with a registered provider prior to entering any Australian classroom.


Main objectives of the course


The advantages of the AEAS School Preparation Course


Key Aspects


For further information about the AEAS preparation courses, please contact Vera Liu (Marketing Manager) via or WeChat ID: 521015043

AEAS Test Preparation Course

The Official AEAS Test Preparation Course

The course is the only official preparation course for the AEAS Test in Sydney. The focus of the course is to improve students’ English language skills in preparation for the AEAS test.

The course supports genuine development of English language skills in five modules which is to be completed in a total of 30 hours: reading, writing, speaking, listening and vocabulary. Practice tests are available at the end of each module to build students’ confidence in preparing for the AEAS tests.

There are three year level groups for students to enrol in: Years 4-6, Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 (SCE is currently delivering courses for Years 7-9 and Years 10-12).

The course will be taught by qualified and experienced English language teachers, who are officially trained by AEAS.

CAUTION Students and schools are advised to be wary of third parties offering unauthorised AEAS test preparation courses in any country. Contact AEAS to confirm if a course is being delivered under licence from AEAS.


The advantages of the AEAS Test Preparation Course


Key Aspects:


For further information about the AEAS preparation courses, please contact Vera Liu (Marketing Manager) via or WeChat ID: 521015043

AEAS Practice Materials

Practice test materials are available for English as an Additional Language (EAL/D) students applying to enter an Australian or New Zealand school.


The Practice Test materials are an example of the types of tests that students will see when sitting an AEAS test. Practice Test materials are provided for the following English language proficiency tests:


The Listening Test also includes an USB which students should play when completing this part of the Practice Test materials.

The format of the Practice Test materials is similar to the actual AEAS tests that students will complete on the day of testing however the actual tests may vary slightly in the number or type of some questions.

The Practice Test booklet includes question booklets and answer sheets. Students are encouraged to compete each test in the time given. Answers are provided for Reading, Vocabulary and Listening tests at the end of the booklet.

Practice Test materials are not provided for the General Ability and Mathematical Reasoning tests. These are ability or aptitude tests and it is not necessary or appropriate for students to practice these tests.

AEAS reserves the right to change the format of test materials, including practice tests, from time to time.

How to Purchase

Please contact Vera Liu (Marketing Manager) via or call +61 2 9281 5211.

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We are sad to announce that due to the impact of COVID-19, Sydney College of English is no longer delivering classes. As of Monday 1st June 2020, all current students transferred to IH Sydney where they will continue in the same course of study. SCE staff are still available to assist with any queries until Friday 26th June 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact our team at


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