Last Updated on 14 April 2020

✦ Since Monday 30th March, all Adult and Junior classes have been delivered online using Adobe Connect. The initial period for online classes was until Friday 24th April. However, it is likely that this will be extended and an update will be provided on Monday 20th April. The SCE campus is currently closed to students in accordance with the Australian Government’s social distancing restrictions. Information about when it will be reopened will also be given on Monday 20th April. SCE staff are all available to help you during this time and can be contacted as follows:

Vera – (Chinese & English)

Joey – (Chinese & English)

Hikari – (Japanese & English)

Sophie (Korean & English)

Ricky (Spanish & English)

Fernanda (Portuguese & English)

Admissions –

Accommodation –

     ⋆ Online classes follow current timetables and lessons are delivered in real-time for the full number of hours of your course.

     ⋆ Teachers are checking attendance at the start of each session. Please note that because there are no issues with social distancing, attendance is strictly monitored.

     ⋆ Students are expected to participate fully in the online courses and meet the learning outcomes that are set. Classes include a lot of virtual interaction as well as tasks and activities. Webcams must be used when needed and your teachers are available by chat throughout the lessons.

     ⋆ Self-Access continue in an online mode – from Monday 30th March Self-Access has been running as an online session on Adobe Connect. Please join if you would like extra assistance with your study and a teacher will be available to answer questions. Free clubs or activities are currently not running online, but SCE will advise if any online social events are available.

✦ Please download our Quick Start Guides here for Adult Courses & Junior Courses. If you are having issues connecting, please contact us on +61 2 9281 5211 or

Adult Quick Start Guide / HSP Quick Start Guide

✦ To stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreak, we recommend all students download the Australian Government’s application: Coronavirus Australia, available on App Store and Google Play. You can also join the Government’s new WhatsApp feature.


Student Support Services

We know that this is a very difficult time for everyone, and SCE is here to help you. Use the email address below and let us know if you have any questions for us or if you need some extra support as our school counsellor is available for online appointments. We will keep your message completely confidential and you will receive a reply from our Student Services Counselling Support Staff. You can write in your own language if you prefer.

Contact us on

For all services, you can have an interpreter help you make a phone call. Call 131 450 first to connect to a free interpreter service.

Mental Health

It is common to feel anxious, worried, sad, helpless, confused, and angry about bad things going on in the world.

If you need mental well-being support, international students in Australia can access support through Lifeline Australia (13 11 14), Beyond Blue (1300 224 636), headspace (1800 650 890) and if you’re under 25, Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800).

There are many ways you can stay healthy (physically and emotionally) in this difficult time:

⋆ Stay active (YouTube videos, fitness apps)

⋆ Practice mindfulness/meditation

⋆ Keep in touch with family and friends (video calls, messaging)

⋆ Cook a good meal

⋆ Read a book

⋆ Play a game

⋆ Only look at information from factual sources but take regular breaks from the news

⋆ Accept your level of control

⋆ Ensure you get the right amount of sleep

⋆ Try to identify your emotions

If you want to check how you're feeling, you can take this survey and see if extra support could be good for you:


If you're on a Student Visa, you can use your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for a coronavirus assessment and NSW Health will not charge you any out-of-pocket expenses (costs not covered by your OSHC).

If you do not have health insurance, you can still visit the hospital for a coronavirus assessment free-of-charge, including taking an ambulance if required.

Claiming Superannuation

Superannuation is a payment that employers make to a retirement fund for you to access in the future. If you are unemployed or since 1 January 2020 have been made redundant or had your working hours reduced by at least 20%, you can have early access to any superannuation past employers may have paid you (up to $10,000). People on temporary visas can access their superannuation if they fit the eligibility requirements.

SCE Course

Online classes are running instead of face-to-face lessons in the classroom. All courses are still being taught by SCE teachers for the same number of contact hours. Attendance is still being recorded.

If you need help or have questions about your course, email:


If you have any concerns about your accommodation, please contact your accommodation provider or the Study NSW funded International Student Legal Service NSW at Redfern Legal Centre. To make an appointment, call (02) 9698 7645 or make an enquiry online using the free check-in app. Free legal advice is by appointment, usually on a Tuesday evening or a Wednesday evening, either in person, by phone or using video-link up.

If you are struggling to pay your rent due to a loss of income, you can talk to your landlord about the possibility of reducing your rent. The government is working on what support can be given to this issue.


If you need to defer your studies but your visa will expire before your new end date, you will need to apply for a new visa. If you have a Student Visa, you will need a new Confirmation of Enrolment from SCE. At this stage, there is no different information about the cost of applying for a new visa.

If you can't provide information you need for your visa application (Health or Police clearances, Biometrics, English Language Testing) because those offices are closed, you will get extra time to complete these checks.

If you are overseas and you want to return but your visa will expire before it's possible to return, you will need to apply for a new visa once the travel restrictions are lifted.

If your visa is going to expire within 2 months and you want to stay in Australia, you can apply for a new visa. You may be eligible for a bridging visa. If you are supposed to leave Australia to apply for a new visa, you can request to waive this condition and if successful, you can apply for a new visa.

Visa applications are still being processed during this period. If you have questions about your visa application, please contact your agent.

If you are overseas and want to study with us, you can join our online course. This is available to new students, past SCE students, and SCE students who have returned to their country but plan to come back to SCE later.

Legal Advice

The Study NSW funded International Student Legal Service NSW is committed to supporting international students in NSW who are directly or indirectly affected by these events. This includes students who need advice about enrolment, deferral of studies, and health and wellbeing.

Questions for the Government

International students (in Australia) can contact the international student hotline on 1300 981 621 (8am to 8pm AEDST Monday to Friday).

International students outside of Australia should use the email address with questions or concerns.

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Sydney College of English has stopped all classes due to the impact of COVID-19. The school campus in Ultimo is now closed. For all SCE related matters, please contact Thank you to everyone who contributed to our school community.