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1. Fill in our online enrolment form

2. SCE will send you a letter of acceptance, enrollment agreement (student visa) and invoice upon acceptance of your enrolment by SCE.

3. When SCE receives back the signed enrolment agreement (student visa), fees can be paid either via credit card, Mastercard or Visa only (SCE will send you the credit card payment authority), or via electronic transfer to the bank listed below. It is also possible to send an International Bank Cheque in Australian Dollars made payable to Sydney College of English.
Account name: Sydney College of English
BSB No: 082-356 Account No: 039372709
Swift Code: NATAAU3302S
Bank Name: National Australia Bank
Branch name: Marrickville Bank Address: 85-95 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia

4. Please make sure that the student name and ID No. are included as the reference on the transfer, so SCE can trace the money received.

5. When your payment is confirmed and if you are applying for a student visa SCE will then issue an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Letter (eCoE) for the purpose of applying for the student visa.

6. Contact the nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate to find out the correct procedure for applying for your type of visa.

7. Send your full flight details or travel arrangements to SCE. Homestay or Hostel details will be forwarded to you once payment and bookings have been confirmed within 4 weeks of the commencement date. Airport meeting service details will be confirmed on receipt of flight details. “Either service (Accommodation or Airport Meeting) will not be provided without full payment or arrival details.”

8. If your first choice of accommodation is not available, SCE will arrange an alternative accommodation until the first choice is available.

9. If the course enrolled in is 24 weeks of study or less, SCE offers one study period. If the course is more than 24 weeks of study, SCE offers a first study period of 12 weeks and from the second study period, the student can elect to enrol in multiple study periods (minimum 12 weeks and maximum 30 weeks). Within a 30 week study period composed of 24 weeks of study, the student can elect to take a scheduled study break of up to 6 weeks, subject to the student’s study plan and government regulations.


• Applicants shall be bound by the rules of Sydney College of English. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the applicant being dismissed or suspended as determined by the Principal of Sydney College of English or authorized delegate. Where an applicant is dismissed or suspended from Sydney College of English, no refund will be made and no credit will be granted.
• The applicant authorizes Sydney College of English to use photos and comments taken directly by Sydney College of English during the student’s time at the College, for promotional purposes.
• The applicant accepts all responsibilities for himself or herself while on excursions with the college or while at sport.
• 1 day per month in English for High School Preparation is a student- free day.


1. Notices of cancellation are not effective until written notification is received by Sydney College of English (hereinafter referred to as SCE). All refunds are in Australian dollars.

2. If you must withdraw from a course because the Australian Government will not issue you with a visa, tuition fees will be refunded in full on presentation of the letter from the relevant Australian authority stating that the visa application has not been successful.

3. If you withdraw from the course for any other reason and notify SCE in writing 28 days or more before the course begins, 90% of tuition fees will be refunded.

4. If you withdraw from the course less than 28 days before the course begins, an amount no greater than 8 weeks tuition fees will be retained by SCE.

5. If you withdraw after you have started your course, no tuition fees will be refunded.

6. A cancellation fee equivalent to two weeks homestay fee will apply if less than 2 weeks notice is given for cancelling homestay either before the course starts or after the course has started.

7. In all cases above, the enrolment fee, the accommodation placement fee and other service fees are not refundable.

8. In such cases above, the refund will be made within 4 weeks of SCE’s receipt of written notification as per the ESOS Act 2000. Bank charges are deducted from the refund.

9. SCE adheres to the policy of refunding fees to the person who originally paid the fees. If you appoint your agent for this enrolment process and your agent pays the fees to SCE on your behalf, the refund will be made to your agent. However, SCE will consider onshore refund payments to the student If your agent agrees, In either case this is determined at the discretion of the Principal Executive Officer of SCE.

10. Under the ESOS Act 2000 Amended, from 1st July 2012 if the course is more than 24 weeks of study 50% of the course tuition fees will be payable before the course start date and the remaining 50% will be payable 2 weeks before the start of the second study period. If the student wishes to pay the total course tuition fees in order to save international bank fees, SCE can receive the payment and will keep 50% of the course tuition fees in credit for the student until 2 weeks before the start of the second study period.

11. If SCE cancels any course before its commencement, tuition fees will be refunded in full within 2 weeks of notification of cancellation as per the ES0S Act 2000.

12. If SCE terminates any course after the course commencement date, SCE will arrange for the transfer of the student to another institution offering a similar course at no extra expense to the student or refund the student the unused portion of the tuition fees if SCE can not arrange the transfer within 2 weeks of the course termination. The refund will be made within 2 weeks of notification of termination as per ESOS Act 2000.

13. If SCE cancels a student’s course enrolment and eCoE due to the student’s default such as failure to start the course on the agreed course start date, failure to pay the tuition fee on the due date, failure to maintain 80% attendance, failure to make academic progress, failure to comply with visa conditions or misbehaviour, no tuition fees will be refunded.


SCE has in place appropriate arrangements for independent grievance dispute resolution, However, these dispute resolution processes do not circumscribe your right to pursue other legal remedies and you have the right to be represented by a nominee of your own choice.


For all student visa holders, information provided by the students to SCE may be made available to Commonwealth and State agencies and the director of the Tuition Protection Service (TPS), pursuant to the ESOS Act 2000 amended and the National Code. SCE is required under this act to report to the relevant government department certain changes to the student visa conditions relating to attendance or satisfactory academic performance.


SCE meets all requirements required by the Australian government to ensure the safety of under 18 years old students in terms of screening staff, teachers and guardians for working with children. In addition, the complaints and appeals process includes procedures to deal with alleged abuse and/or bullying and these procedures are communicated to staff, students under 18 years old, parent(s), suitable nominated relative(s) and/or homestay parent(s).


We invite you to check the costs associated with living and studying in Australia, provided on this page before submitting your application.