Frequently Asked Questions about the school and programmes

Q1. Where is the school located?

Our school is located 10 minutes walk from Central Station. It is located nearby the University of Technology and Science (UTS), TAFE NSW, Darling Habour and the University of Sydney right in the heart of the student district.


Q2. What is nearby?

We have a beautiful park just 5 minutes walk away with an Olympic size swimming pool and running paths. We have a large shopping mall around the corner with a large variety of shops and small restaurants and cinemas. There are also two gyms near the school and a variety of small cafes, We are within walking distance of Darling Harbour and Sydney Fish Markets.


Q3. How easily can it be reached by transportation?

Sydney College of English is just a short walk from Central Station, and many buses stop right at the end of the road.


Q4. What is the maximum student capacity?

We have a maximum of 340 students.


Q5. What is the average size of classes?

We try and keep class sizes small. The average size of our classes is approximately 12.


Q6. What is the age of students?

The majority of our students are adults ranging from 18 to 60+. The average age of our General English classes would be around 24. We also offer High School Preparation and Junior Programmes, and so their ages range from 12 to 17.


Q7. How many levels do you have?

We have six principle levels from Beginners to Advanced, some level has sub levels to enable us to choose the class that is just right for you.


Q8. What teaching methods do you use? What books and other materials are used?

Our teachers are all specialist English Language teachers. Our courses are based on the Face2Face series of books, however we use a variety of methods as our philosophy is to treat the student as an individual, and not every student learns in the same way. We cover all the four basic macro skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We also cover grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We use video and audio tapes, the Internet and computers as well as excursions to places of interest in Sydney so our classes are as interesting and relevant as possible.


Q9. How long is each class?

Each class is 90 minutes long. You have one teacher for all your morning classes and another for the afternoon session.


Q10. What time do they need to come to school on the first day?

The Orientation Programme starts at 8.30 on the first day.


Q11. How much homework do students have to do?

Students are given homework for a minimum three times per week. Most students like to stay at school and do their homework together for an hour after class.


Q12. How long does it take to finish one language level?

That is a very difficult question. It will depend on the motivation of the student, and how keen they are to move on. Our classes are divided into 4 week terms, and we test all students at the end of each term so students have the opportunity to change levels when they are ready.


Q13. What activities are organised by school?

We have an excursion each week led by our Student Activities Officer. We also organise excursions each weekend to places outside of Sydney such as the North Coast to see the dolphins, or the Blue Mountains or even Canberra. We also organise pub nights, cinema evenings, and regular sports competitions.


Q14. What are the top five nationalities?

Australia, being located in the Asia Pacific area, attracts mostly students from this region. So we have Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese, but we are also in the Southern Hemisphere, so we have students from Brazil and Argentina. We also have many students from Europe as they really like the change of climate, the diverse countryside and of course Australia offers students the possibility of working here too.