Frequently Asked Questions
about the school and programmes

Where is the school located?

SCE is located at 579 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007. Reception is on Level 3 and classes are spread across 4 levels in the building.

What is nearby?

The school is surrounded by parks, universities, shopping centres, restaurants, and medical centres. It's an easy walk to Darling Harbour, Chinatown, or into the city centre.

What is the transport to SCE?

SCE is a 10-15 minute walk from Central Station. There is a pedestrian walkway called The Goods Line which goes straight from Central to SCE. There are many buses that stop right outside the building.

How big are the classes?

We try to keep class sizes small. The average number of students per class is 12, and the maximum is 18.

How old are the students?

Primary School Preparation: 8 - 11 years old
HSP/Junior Holiday Program: 12 - 17 years old
Adult Program (General English, Exam Preparation, EHP, EAP...): 18 years old and above
We have had adults of all ages in our classes ranging from students just out of high school to parents and grandparents. The average age in the Adult Program is around 24 years old.

How many class levels are there?

There are 6 levels of our English classes: Beginners, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. All students need to take a placement test so that they study at the most suitable level.

What teaching methods do you use? What books and other materials are used?

Our teachers are all specialist English Language teachers. Our courses are based on the Face2Face series of books, however we use a variety of methods as our philosophy is to treat the student as an individual, and not every student learns in the same way.
We cover all the four basic macro skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We also cover grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We use video and audio tapes, the Internet and computers as well as excursions to places of interest in Sydney so our classes are as interesting and relevant as possible.

How long does it take to finish one language level?

A general answer is 12 weeks per level as it takes 12 weeks to study the full textbook for one General English level. However, this varies because it depends entirely on how hard each student works. General English classes take a test every 4 weeks and doing well in the test is the best way to move up to the next level.

What happens on the first day of class?

Adult Program
Students should arrive around 8:15am and bring their passport, a passport-size photo for their Student ID Card, and a pen and notebook. Students need to come to reception first then staff will take the students to their placement test, or if the student has already tested, to their class which will start at 8:30am. Orientation will take place at 10:15am and students will start or return to class after lunch at 12:45pm. Classes will finish at 2:50pm.

High School Preparation/Primary School Preparation/Junior Holiday Program
Students should arrive around 8:45am and bring their passport, a passport-size photo for their Student ID Card, a pen and notebook, and their lunch. Students need to come to reception first then staff will take the students to their placement test which will start at 9am. Orientation will take place during the day and classes will finish at 3pm.

How much homework do students receive?

High School Preparation students receive roughly 2 hours of homework every day and students in the highest level classes complete additional assessment tasks.

Adult students receive homework at least 3 times per week, more for students studying EAP and Exam Preparation courses. Many students choose to stay at school and do their homework together after class during Self Access.

What activities are organised by SCE?

There are activities and workshops every day after class. These give students extra opportunity to practice their English, focus on specific skills, and meet students from other classes. We publish a new Activities Calendar every month with different workshops, special visits from partner companies, excursions to different destinations around Sydney, and weekend trips to places outside of Sydney. We run big whole-school events throughout the year including International Culture Festival, a Halloween Party, an International Christmas Picnic, and BBQ's in the park.

High School Preparation students play different sports every Friday afternoon and are regularly visited by outside speakers and go out on excursions to fun, educational places around Sydney.

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