CRICOS Course Code: 078377M

General English Course

Our General English course will enable you to use English socially, for study and for work. You will learn the four skills of listening, speaking reading and writing in a lively way that gets you motivated. We will ask you to speak a lot and to get involved in a wide variety of activities. There will be many opportunities for you to practise what you have learned so that you become an “active” learner.

General English - Key aspect

Start Any Monday

Start Any Monday

Start your study program any Monday of the year

High School Preparation 5 English levels

5 English Levels

From Elementary to Advanced

Flexible Study

Flexible study period

Study from 1 to 52 weeks

Monthly Assessment

Students will be assessed across all 4 skills once a month and individually counselled on their progress

Small Classes

Class size average is 12 students


Students go on educational excursions regularly


Students will benefit from doing regular homework to consolidate their learning in class


Students will have a trained teacher to assist them with self–access study after class

Afternoon Options

Afternoon options will help students gain extra benefit from further study of specific skills

General English - Super-Intensive Timetable

General English - Intensive Timetable

General English Course Sydney - Intensive Timetable

General English - Part-Time Timetable

General English PM Subjects

Every two weeks you can choose a different afternoon subject which gives you the opportunity to focus on the areas that you would most like to improve and allows you to work on your preferred essential language skills. Option classes cover a variety of themes and special interest topics and let you choose your focus on speaking, listening and conversation, writing and reading or pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar.

Our most popular afternoon courses are:

Pronunciation and Fluency & English for Health Professionals

You can also choose option classes such as:

  • Vocabulary and Common Errors,
  • Australian Life,
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Extension,
  • Effective Communication,
  • Reading and Writing Effectively,
  • Current Affairs,
  • Pronunciation Clinic,
  • Grammar Clinic,
  • Real Listening and Speaking,
  • Focus on Writing,
  • Grammar in Use,
  • Pronunciation and Conversation,
  • Let’s Speak,
  • Writing Skills,
  • Behind the News

These options are a guide only. Only certain options are available at any one time depending on demand.