Cambridge Examination Courses

Cambridge KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE Preparation

The Cambridge Examinations we offer include: KET, PET, First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency. There are entry exams for each level so that students study at the appropriate level for their English proficiency. Through a 10 – 12 week program, students dramatically improve in their major skills and especially in their grammatical competency. These exams are highly sought after by world–wide business organisations and universities. Successful attainment of these levels guarantees future success for students.

  • SCE prides itself on the delivery of excellence at all levels by highly qualified and trained teachers
  • Students are assessed each week in specific skills and given daily homework
  • Students are tested and graded in 2 mock exams and
    are counselled individually after each battery of tests.
  • Students have a trained Cambridge teacher after every class to assist with homework or to help clarify points not understood in class
  • Students are given extra listening exercises to help them with the appropriate exam skills needed to be successful
  • Full Time 28 hours per week including 5 hours of supervised self–study (optional)
  • AM: Mon–Fri 8:30am–11:45am
    PM: Mon–Fri 12:45pm–2:25pm
  • External examination dates: Refer to price list
  • Certificate: Issued by University of Cambridge (UCLES)
    with examination pass results but the college provides its own certificate to students upon completion of the course


Enrol Online for Cambridge Exam (FCE, CAE or CPE)


Our Cambridge preparation programmes differ from those of other schools in that they incorporate a wider range of textbook and test materials. Students work from two different coursebooks and one workbook for homework purposes.

During intensive input sessions, our Cambridge students are exposed to a large volume of new vocabulary in context in order to improve their chances of passing the exam. However, the importance of mock tests is also recognised, and the courses effectively balance input sessions with regular practice testing so that students get the opportunity to hone their timing skills and encounter unfamiliar vocabulary across a wide variety of topics.

We have extra listening tests after school as mentioned. These take place on Wednesday afternoons for FCE and Thursday afternoons for CAE.

To develop their writing skills, Cambridge students are expected to write at least two Cambridge style texts a week following highly structured tutorials that provide the necessary skills to deal with different text genres and styles. After the teacher has shown where a student’s work can be improved, students are given the opportunity to resubmit their work and have it regraded. This process is designed to help the students to improve their use of English through writing, and pieces of writing can be resubmitted as many times as they wish.

The structure of the course has been well thought out and there is equal attention given to each skill through each week. Whatever has been studied in any morning input session is generally reviewed the following afternoon.

Every day students are given homework that relates directly to what was studied during the day. This constant process of review ensures that course content is reinforced and students can retain what they have learnt.

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