English for Health Professionals 1 & 2English for Health Professionals

This specialised course is for students interested in learning English for use in the Health Professions. It is aimed at foreign trained health professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, medical students, etc.


EHP is not only for doctors and nurses. Many students would benefit from studying EHP including:

  • Health professionals who want to communicate well with English speaking patients and colleagues.
  • Students going into a career in interpreting and translating.
  • Students who plan to have a career in social work.
  • People who want to improve their medical vocabulary and be able to talk about their own or their family’s health issues fluently.
  • Students who need to build their medical vocabulary before starting OET.

Important Information!

EHP 1+2 are each taught in 12 week blocks. Students can start anyMonday and do as much or as little as they like but it’s best to do 4 – 12 weeks.




The course!

  • Starting any Monday
  • Interest in role plays which are taped to assist in patient/nurse/doctor relationships
  • Every 12 weeks the school organises a visit to a hospital in Sydney fora tour of the various departments to enable them to see first hand the workings of an Australian Hospital and to analyse how the Australian Health System operates
  • Each student may request a reference letter from their teacher for future career options
  • The average class size at any one time will be 12 students
  • Full Time 28 hours per week including 5 hours of supervised self–study (optional)
  • Intermediate and above
  • AM: English Communication + PM: English for Health Professionals
  • Certificate: Presented upon completion of your course

English Level!

  • If a student is a high Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate English level, combine GE + EHP1.
  • If a student is Intermediate to Upper Intermediate English level, combine GE + EHP2
  • If a student is Upper Intermediate to Advanced English level, they could join OET
  • For those working towards proficiency in English, further study in CAE or CPE is a great option. It helps students gain confidence too!


EHP Timetable 1


EHP Timetable 2