Preparation for the Occupational English Test (OET)

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    As part of the requirements for registration to practise as a health practitioner in Australia, overseas-trained health professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds must pass the Occupational
    English Test (OET). The OET applies to the main-stream health professions, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, dietetics, radiography and others. In addition, some professions (notably nursing) require recent graduates of non-English speaking background from Australian universities to pass the OET. OET is a profession-centred examination, utilising the language of specific health professions, and so may be a more natural test of English proficiency for overseas health professionals to use than IELTS.

  • OET Preparation Courses

    SCE offers two OET Preparation Courses, both based on an integrated approach to learning. Students work with authentic texts and official OET exam practice materials to build language competency in specific topic areas, and learning is carefully scaffolded to ensure that students build a large bank of vocabulary and use appropriate grammatical structures with a high degree of accuracy. The materials used on the course have been designed specifically to reflect the types of tasks found in the OET examination.

    Students focus equally on each skill area and a great deal of attention is given to learning effective exam strategies. Each day there are timed exam practices of various exam components and full mock exams are held regularly, with appropriate individual feedback after each one.

  • Learning Outcomes

    All students who participate fully in either the day or evening preparation course can expect to achieve the same learning outcomes. Although both courses are intensive, some students would benefit from the 8-week day program because there is more opportunity for remedial grammar work, revision & consolidation of vocabulary, and individual tutorials in the 20-hour/week format.

  • Timetable and Modes of Delivery

    The OET day programme runs for 8 weeks and the evening programme is offered as a 4-week course. However, both programs offer the flexibility of studying for shorter periods, and students can therefore commence on any Monday. Students who are not familiar with the format of the OET are provided with a comprehensive Orientation Pack, which includes practice tasks to be completed prior to starting the course so that all students are well equipped to join the existing class.

    Day Program Timetable

    OET Preparation Morning Timetable

  • Entry Requirements

    OET Entry test Students are required to have an Upper-Intermediate/Advanced level of English. A pre-entry test will be administered to determine each student’s level. Please contact the College for further information about entry requirements. “SCE accepts students on student visas for our 20 hour OET exam preparation course. As such, students may enrol in our morning OET preparation course as their primary course for visa application purposes.”


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