Advanced Test

1. Having _____________ all other options, we finally asked our mom for help.


2. His wise words have had a huge influence _____________ my choices in life.


3. Personal grooming and how you dress are important, _____________ job you are trying to get.


4. There’s a chance it won’t rain tomorrow, but the forecast says it is _____________ likely.


5. It’s really no _____________ for me to pick you up.  I’ll be going right past your place.


6. I’d never tried scuba diving before, so I had a hard time getting used to _____________ through the mouthpiece.


7.  Those shoes don’t really _____________ with your outfit.



8. Rarely _____________ his homework.


9. I prefer to order pizza _____________ cook.


10. The number of visitors to the area _____________ threefold over the last two years.


11. Someone broke into all these cars in _____________ daylight.


12. We have invested a lot of time _____________ designing this course.


13. He was acquitted because the judge believed he had been acting in self-_____________.


14. Where are my keys?  I _____________ recall putting them right here.


15. She sounded young on the phone but she turned _____________ to be much older.


16. My car is in urgent _____________ of a tune-up.


17. Seat belts have _____________ successful in saving lives.


18. Finding a job is a _____________ deal more difficult if you have no experience.


19. The test _____________ listening to a lecture and making an accurate summary.


20. I am in a hurry, but I’m _____________ in traffic.


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