Intermediate Test

1. Chess is a game _____________ requires a lot of concentration.


2. Dave _____________ living in the neighbourhood for a few days so he doesn’t know many people yet.


3. My friend was wondering _____________ you wanted to join us for dinner.


4. When is the best time to go to that shopping mall?

It really depends _____________ what day of the week it is.


5. I didn’t pass my test.  I _____________ studied more.


6. He wants me to do a favour _____________ his sister.


7. You and your son look more _____________ every day!


8. I can’t check the price.  The tag’s _____________ off.


9. Her family really likes her new boyfriend.  He must have _____________ a good impression on them.


10. Red wine always _____________ me of my trip to France.


11. I _____________ down the street when I saw a car accident.


12. Shall we go to the cinema?

It _____________ be too late to see a movie.  It’s almost 9 already.


13. I’ve _____________ been to that buffet restaurant.   I’m so full!


14. I’ll never be able to carry all these books!

No worries.  I_____________ you.


15. My teacher advised me _____________ more.


16. I moved out.  I couldn’t _____________ up with my housemates any longer.


17. The jacket in the Lost and Found box is red.

It _____________ be mine.  Mine is blue.


18. I_____________ here since August.


19. Go ahead and start dinner if I _____________ late.  I may go for a jog after work.


20. I can’t stop these hiccups!

Have you tried _____________ some water?


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