OET Course Entry Test

OET Test

1. The patient ____________ the round of antibiotics by the end of the month.


2. Judging by his complexion and breathing, he ___________ a cardiac episode.


3. This flu strain is highly contagious, and _____________ by contact with mucous.


4. The patient said he ______________ when he twisted his ankle.


5. An asthma attack is the ____________ for the child’s shortness of breath.


6. The woman _____________ about a throbbing pain in her left incisor.


7. It seems obvious the patient has suddenly __________his medication.


8. He wants to have the tooth ____________ and a false one made.


9. The patient wishes he ____________ his seatbelt.


10. ___________ has a number of potential damaging effects on one’s health.


11. The girl is recovering from a bout ____________ pneumonia.


12. Her cough was ____________ a viral infection.


13: _______________, we do not know the cause of the illness.


14: He is in good shape physically, ___________ he has some psychological issues.


15: If you could assess this patient’s ongoing respiratory condition, it ____________ much appreciated.


16: Mrs. Jones, _____________, is 12 weeks pregnant.


17: The pulmonary artery __________ blood from the heart.


18: There are 206 bones in an adult’s ___________ system.


19: Good morning Mr. Anderson. What ____________?


20: Would you mind _____________ outside for a few minutes?