Pre-Intermediate Test

1.  If it _____________ rainy tomorrow, let’s cancel the picnic.


2. My friend says the best cars _____________ made in Italy.


3. My daughter is in the hospital.

Oh, _____________.


4. Julia isn’t in class anymore.  She _____________ home.


5. I can’t meet you today because I’m too busy.  _____________ time tomorrow is ok.


6. When I was young, I _____________ ride my bike everywhere.


7. Haven’t you finished _____________ your homework yet?


8. Please help me.  I’ve called _____________ restaurant but I can’t find a table for tonight.


9. I used to have nothing to do at weekends _____________ I joined a running club.


10. If I _____________ more money, I could afford to buy a car.


11. Is Canberra the capitol of Australia?

I think _____________.


12. I never _____________ to the beach when I was growing up.


13. I paid for everything _____________ credit card.


14. The last time I _____________ fish was at my friend’s birthday party.


15. If you _____________ that guy money, don’t expect him to pay you back.


16. Can I use your bathroom?

Of course you can.  There’s _____________ to ask.


17. John _____________ a lot of exercise every week.


18. _____________ anything interesting recently?


19. My son _____________ be 4 on his next birthday.


20. Try it.  It’s not as hard _____________ it looks.


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