Upper-Intermediate Test

1. I’ve always been quite musical, so _____________ the guitar has been easy for me.


2. _____________ I had enough money, I would never buy a sports car.


3. She threatened _____________ him if he didn’t start treating her better.


4. I was almost at school when it _____________ to me I had forgotten my book.


5. I bought a new sound system.  Now I just have to _____________ it up.


6.  She has such a great singing voice.  I know she’ll be a _____________ success.


7. By the end of my trip I will _____________ to every state in Australia.


8. I saw a picture of you _____________ in the pool when you were a kid.


9. I take my responsibilities as a parent very _____________.


10. I was _____________ exhausted by the time I dragged myself into bed.


11. What time is it?!  Oh no!  I _____________ to be at school now!


12. Feel like going to the mall?

There’s no _____________ I’m going there today.  It’ll be packed!


13. By the time he was 10, he _____________ to play the piano.


14. Sorry, but your computer _____________ fixed until next Tuesday.


15. The number of visitors to the area has _____________ dramatically over the last 5 years.


16. The teenagers found at the scene have been _____________ of causing the fire.


17. You’ll be fine _____________ you stay away from the deep water.


18. His car isn’t in the driveway.  He _____________ gone out.



19. You really should speak with her.  You can’t put _____________ talking with her forever.


20. If you hadn’t found us, we _____________ wandering around the woods!


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