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Primary School Preparation Program

A place for your child to learn English for school!


Many parents are now starting their children’s international studies earlier than they did in the past, so at SCE we offer a high quality Primary School Preparation program to complement our High School Preparation Program.

This course involves face-to-face teaching for five hours per day, five days a week.

The curriculum for this program allows students to prepare for entry into Australian Primary Schools, or to spend just a few weeks here immersed in the English Language and Australian culture. Our curriculum design gives students practice in English language, and content covers areas of learning they will encounter in Primary or High School, such as Aboriginal Culture, Australian History and Environmental issues. Each month there is a different theme to provide context for language learning. Students sit a placement test on arrival to determine their English level so that our specially trained EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) teachers can give individualised support. Lessons are based on a course book appropriate to the young learner’s level, supplemented by a variety of texts and online material. Our teachers are trained to keep young minds fully engaged, with a variety of activities both inside and outside the classroom, including participation in outdoor activities, and excursions twice a month.

Key Aspects


Start your study program almost any Monday of the year!

We have a 2 week holiday over Christmas and New Year. If a public holiday falls on a Monday, then we accept new students on the following day.


25h per week Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm


Student attendance monitored 3 times daily. Homework Diary informs parents/guardian about homework and learning content, assists communication between parents/carers and teachers.


A structured program with a different focus and interesting topics each month.


Language and text-based curriculum catering for 5 different English levels.


Comprehensive written reports sent to families, agents and schools every month.


A Personal Development class once a week to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and to allow discussion of the intercultural and developmental issues they face.


Study from 1 to 52 weeks.


8-12 years old (6-7 years old students are considered upon a pre-enrolment interview)


Move on to study at one of Sydney’s prestigious private schools.

Course Content

Our Primary School Preparation course is an integrated skills-based program that focuses on language learning and practice, along with the relevant study skills and strategies.

The syllabus is divided into monthly programs, within which new units of work are undertaken each week. Units of work revolve around multidisciplinary themes, such as The Environment, Road Beach and Sun Safety, Australian History and Culture. We also have weekly classes in Mathematics and Science, in order to provide our students with the essential vocabulary needed in school.

Students in our Primary School Preparation study from level and age-appropriate textbooks, as well as a variety of stimulating resources, such as videos, songs and field trips.

Each Friday afternoon students participate in sport.
At least two excursions or events are organised for all students every month. Every four weeks there is a monthly test and students’ progress is reviewed by our teachers according to their test results and daily performance throughout the month.

Sample Timetable


We have partnered with Sydney’s most prestigious private schools

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