Pronunciation and Fluency Course

Pronunciation and Fluency for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students.
The program is an ongoing, 4-week closed course that focuses on a different skill each week.

The Pronunciation and Fluency program is:

Extremely comprehensive

Students start with basics and learn the mechanics of producing each sound

Great for students that want to fine tune their pronunciation


All students receive individual attention – that’s a promise – to ensure no-one is left behind!

Pronunciation and Fluency

Entry requirements

High School Preparation 5 English levels

Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students only


Students must be Super-Intensive and must commit to the whole 4 weeks

Maximum of 16 students


Week 1

Phonemics / individual sounds

Week 2

Syllables and stress

Week 3

Linking & fluency

Week 4

Consolidation and assessment

Monday  to Wednesday skills development, Thursday targeting individual students’ needs and mini tests.

Students receive a high quality workbook at the beginning of each week containing everything for that week’s Module.


Start Any Monday

Weekly mini-tests in which students work from a model, then reproduce and record themselves and receive individual feedback

End-of-course test covering all course content

Report and individual tutorial for each student on final day

Course completion certificate