Candidates can access their results online approximately 6 weeks after an exam by going to After enrolment, we provide a Confirmation of Entry letter containing a personalized ID number, secret number, exam timetable, and the exact date of results publication. Candidates are advised NOT to lose this letter!

For information to interpret a results profile, please visit the Cambridge English website and read the RESULTS section of the relevant exam.


Cambridge ESOL has a system in place to check the accuracy of the results if they are queried. These checks rarely reveal any inaccuracy in the original result and they do not provide feedback on the performance of candidates in particular papers.

Candidates may request a RESULTS INQUIRY for a fee. A Stage 1 Enquiry (clerical check) MUST be completed before requesting a Stage 2 Enquiry (re-mark).

Stage 1 Enquiry – this is purely a clerical check where the marks for all papers are tallied again; the papers are NOT RE-MARKED (AU$50)

Stage 2 Enquiry – all papers are marked again, except the speaking paper (AU$150)


Cambridge ESOL introduced extended certification as a means of recognizing candidate performance at the CEFR levels above and below that at which an exam is set.

Candidates who perform exceptionally well and receive a grade A in their exam ( or pass with merit in PET) will have their performance at the CEFR level above that exam noted on their certificate e.g. a candidate who receives a grade A in FCE exam will receive a Cambridge English: First certificate stating that ability was demonstrated at the C1 level.

Candidates who do not pass their exam, but perform at the CEFR level below, receive a certification recognizing this e.g. an FCE candidate who receives a score between 45 and 59 will receive a Cambridge English certificate stating that ability was demonstrated at the B1 level.

First introduced in 2009 for the PET exam, extended certification was applied to the full suite of exams in 2011. For more information please check the results section of the exam listings on the Cambridge English site


Certificates for paper-based tests are dispatched around 6 weeks after results are released, depending on the exam.

For computer-based tests, certificates are issued no later than 3 weeks after results are released.

Here is an overview of the procedure:

  1. Step 1: All candidates are issued with an online statement of results after sitting the exam depending on whether or not they have set a paper-based or computer-based exam

  2. Step 2: SCE Cambridge test centre receives all certificates 6 weeks after Step 1 above (i.e. 12 weeks). We will dispatch them to schools and individual candidates by registered mail or courier.

  3. Step 3 (For Language Schools ONLY) Despatch the certificates to each of your students. Under the terms and agreement the school will undertake to do this by secure means (registered mail or courier). Students should confirm to you that they have received their certificate.


If a certificate is lost in the post in transit (this needs to be supported by appropriate documentation showing how and when it was despatched) then Cambridge will replace this certificate for a fee. They will only do this after 6 months have passed to allow for a full search to be made, and in case the original is found. However, certificates not received by the candidates will only be replaced up to 12 months after the despatch of the original. After this time the candidate may apply for a certifying statement.

Certificates lost by the candidate will NOT be replaced. Candidates must apply direct to Cambridge for a Certifying Statement, for which there is a fee. Certificates damaged in fire or floods will be replaced for a fee, provided an incident report/copy of insurance document can be provided. In such cases the student should apply to Cambridge directly.

Damaged certificates in transit will be replaced for a fee, provided that the original is returned to Cambridge within six months of sitting the exam. If your certificate is damaged then please contact our office on

Replacement Certificates- in short, Cambridge will NOT readily replace certificates. If all criteria are met (proof of despatch available, six months have passed etc. see above) and it is deemed appropriate, Cambridge ESOL, will replace a certificate for a fee. This applies to certificates

Lost in Transit
Damaged in Transit
Requiring a name amendment

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