• IELTS Preparation

IELTS PreparatioIELTS Preparationn

IELTS is a highly popular course on offer at SCE at both the General and Academic Module levels.

Students needing a specific IELTS score are given that special attention by qualified and experienced IELTS Preparation teachers.

  • One skill is tested each week.
  • All the skills are tested once a month (every 4 weeks) and students counselled upon their strengths and areas
    for development.
  • Classes utilise a number of textbooks for study to give students maximum exposure to different strategies.
  • We offer a comprehensive after school, self–access library for students to practise their skills.
  • Students can have the assistance of teachers during self–study time.
  • Full Time 28 hours per week including 5 hours of supervised self–study (optional).
  • Intermediate and above.
  • Certificate: Issued by IELTS after sitting external exam, but the college provides its own certificate to students upon completion of the course.


IELTS Preparation Timetable: