Alejandra Munoz

Costa Rica

General English (Pre-intermediate level)

Never is it too late when we have a dream.
My dream was to learn English and I chose to study at Sydney College of English (SCE). This college has been the best option for me in Sydney. There is support and interest in my learning progress. The teachers prepare dynamic and interesting classes and we learn quickly and happily. The college helps with all my doubts and questions and I have contact with people of many nationalities. Also SCE found for me a marvellous Homestay Family.
I am 62 years old but at SCE I am a young student once again.

Irina Romanova


Cambridge Preparation (CAE)

When I was looking for a school to complete the CAE course I visited 5 or 6 colleges in the heart of Sydney. Based on my negative previous experience with another English college, I was determined to find a quality provider and after my first day at SCE all my doubts and
fears disappeared! I was impressed by the professionalism and passion of my CAE teachers.
The CAE course boosted my confidence and I was able to achieve my target score with ease.

Federico Bissacc



I started studying at SCE in March 2013 and packaged 3 different courses. I began with CAE, a very helpful course that increased greatly my knowledge of advanced-level General and Business English. Then I moved into OET Test Preparation, an interesting course which allowed me to learn English for Nursing Purposes (ENP). The last course I studied was for obtaining the IELTSTM certificate, which together with OET helped me find a job in the UK as a scrub nurse. I really enjoyed studying at SCE because I found the staff extremely warm and friendly. The time spent at SCE has been incredible because I not only learnt a lot but also made plenty of friends from all around the world.

Nozomi Kodair



I studied English for Academic Purposes and English for Health Professionals at SCE. The EHP course has given me an opportunity to learn medical English before starting an actual nursing course in TAFE. I felt my knowledge of medical terms was improved during the course. Now I’m working as a registered nurse at Prince of Wales Hospital!

Gabriela Caldas Lara



I started studying at SCE in April of 2017. SCE is an enjoyable place to study English for many reasons. The first reason are friends, here you can meet a lot of amazing people from different nationalities, you can learn about their culture and create beautiful relationships. Another reason is the teachers. They are very kind and the way that they teach, makes the classes comfortable and funny. Studying at SCE has helped me a lot because here I got the confidence to talk to others and I met people from different countries talking in English.

Livio Wang


High School Preparation

Although I miss my HSP teachers and classmates so much, since moving to St Augustine’s in February 2016 I have never looked back! The HSP course prepared me so effectively for High School life, not only teaching me Academic English, essay-writing and presentation skills, but about the Australian High School system and environment. Without Colin, Olga and the HSP teachers, I would never have attained my Dux award last year.

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