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SCE Homestay Family

We do our best to make you feel safe and welcome from the moment you arrive in Australia, and to provide you with opportunities to use English as much as possible. One way of achieving this is by your choosing to live with an Australian family during your time in Sydney. This will help you meet some wonderful people and get a better understanding of the Australian way of life.

Our Student Services Officer chooses and inspects each “homestay” family very carefully. Before a family can join the programme, they must guarantee that they will provide a high standard of accommodation and facilities, and they must be friendly and willing to look after you. SCE visits each home. When a student leaves they are asked to fill in a questionnaire about their stay so we can make sure our standards are maintained. Homestay is a wonderful way of making new friends – the families we choose genuinely enjoy having overseas students and often keep in touch with them after they have moved on.

Contact us for further details at or (02) 9281 5211.


  • Adults Homestay Evaluation – End of stay

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  • Adults Homestay Evaluation – Week 1

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  • Homestay Information and Guidelines for Students

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  • Homestay Program – Over 18 Years Terms and Conditions

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  • Homestay Program – Under 18 Years Terms and Conditions

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  • Junior Evaluation – End of Stay

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  • Juniors Homestay Evaluation – Week 1

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Student Residences and Hostels

SCE Hostel options

We offer a wide variety of hostel accommodation in Sydney. These hostel options are exclusive to SCE and offer better prices and accommodation arrangements. Please ask for details.

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