Holiday Application

There are some Rules about taking holidays – Please read

  1. Student Visa holders may take leave (e.g. break for holiday) during the term of their visa. Holiday allowance is subject to the length of the visa.
  2. Other visa holders with a course of 12 weeks or more may apply for a holiday.
  3. Students must have a current attendance of 80% or more before applying for holiday.
  4. Students must give 2 weeks notice when applying for holiday leave – this means you need to apply at least 2 weeks before you want to take a holiday.
  5. Holiday leave is to be taken Monday to Friday only, in whole week blocks.
  6. Changes to your holiday status cannot be made once your holiday starts.
  7. Students must check their approval before the beginning of their holiday leave. Students are requested NOT to make travel plans prior to receiving approval of their holiday – this means, you should not book flight tickets etc, before you get the approval from the school for your holiday.
  8. Holiday leave is subject to approval by SCE.