word from the College Director

Sarah Wilkinson

College Director

Established in 1987, Sydney College of English (SCE) is one of Australia’s most enduring providers of English language training. Other providers have come and gone and many others offer a range of different courses outside of English language tuition. At SCE English remains our specialty. Most of our adult students undertake English study for a variety of purposes, including some very specific purposes. These include further studies at university in Australia or simply to improve their workplace competitiveness in health professional fields. Our High School Preparation and Young Learners Program accepts students from 8 to 17 years old. It is highly regarded among an elite group of independent Sydney schools as the best preparation available for international students planning enrolment at these schools. In fact, our program is designed flexibly to ensure that individual students meet the specific requirements of their preferred pathway school destination. SCE applies the highest standards of care and is dedicated to meeting the very specific needs of our teenage students as they undertake a transition to study in Australia. I encourage you to join SCE where we can offer you the assistance needed for academic and career success in Australia.

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